#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Tapping into the Heart’s Strategy – Jennifer Lawton, M.D.

Jennifer Lawton

Jennifer Lawton M.D.

Jennifer S. Lawton, M.D., is a professor and chief of the Johns Hopkins Division of Cardiac Surgery, as well as director of the Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory and program director of the cardiothoracic fellowship training program. Dr. Lawton’s clinical area of focus is adult cardiac surgery. She also leads the division’s residency education program, and conduct research in myocyte volume regulation and ATP-sensitive K channels. She ... View full profile

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Jennifer Lawton, M.D., and her team study a channel in heart cells that opens when energy is low to protect the heart. With more knowledge of the channel, their hope is to be able to open it with medications to reduce harm to the heart following heart surgery, heart attack or times of stress.

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